Visual Search, The Next Frontier?

On, Johannes Scholtes of ZyLAB has written a blog post about the challenges in visual information retrieval.

Some of the challenges he lists include:
-the large number of video encoding formats makes it difficult for reliable playback and analysis of video
-filesizes of multimedia can be cumbersome to store
-image ranking methods in use today are not intuitive

It’s easy to see that enterprises will soon need to have the ability to search and organize multimedia content. Social media sites like facebook make it easy to share multimedia content, and it’s use in the enterprise continues to grow. The cost of creating visual content also continues to go down, take for example the current crop of smartphones that shoot video in HD and photos upwards of 5 megapixels in quality. In many instances, it’s easier to just send a photo or video to a co-worker instead of text.

This could very well be the next frontier for information management and eDiscovery.

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